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Here’s the thing: I’ve always wanted to go to Disney World. As a kid, of course, and then even more desperately in the heady Little Mermaid/Beauty & the Beast/Lion King era. But it wasn’t the kind of thing my family could afford, and later as a single girl with student loans from here to eternity, it wasn’t in the cards for me solo, either. But then, all too close to middle age, I married a fantastic guy who loves Disney as much as I do and our adventures began.

We honeymooned on the Disney Fantasy and went back in 2016. I love Disney Cruise Line and highly recommend it, but a kind of rare vertigo means my cruising days are over.┬áLuckily, though, we’d visited Disney World for the first time in the fall of 2015 and I knew I’d found my real Disney love.

I’m an avid planner; my Disney spreadsheets are legen — wait for it — dary. I belong to way too many Facebook groups, frequent far too many message boards, and occasionally I spend my evenings Periscoping Wishes. It’s an addiction, but I’m not looking for a cure. Instead I started this blog, to have a place I can Disney-out in peace.