app mde directions You can now get turn-by-turn directions for Disney World right from your My Disney Experience app!

In its latest update, the My Disney Experience app (available for iPhone and Android) allows you to search for an attraction within the parks. . A blue line will appear on a map leading to the destination and showing your location as you head over there, with turn-by-turn directions as well. The program will also display estimated times to reach your next stop — completely estimated, though, because the app does not live update in regards to crowds, parades, or weather. Otherwise, though, it’s kind of like Google Maps for Disney World.

From any attraction, restaurant, shop or hotel’s p age, you can touch ‘Get Directions,’ and then choose where you are departing from. People traveling between theme parks can get information on routes by bus, monorail and boat. Visitors can also find out how to reach shops and eateries within the Disney Springs entertainment complex.

There’s also been an update to the Dining Reservations section of the app, making it easier to find that ADR you’re looking for. There’s a new, clean interface for a quick and simple search, with the option to then filter by location, cuisine, Table Service vs Quick Service, Dining Plan eligibility, rating, accessibility, and price range.