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New from Disney Weddings — A fairytale Magic Kingdom wedding at night

Found your Prince Charming? Picked out that perfect princess dress? Ready to say I do? Disney Weddings has always had plenty of magical experiences to offer for mouse-obsessed brides and grooms. Now you can say your vows in front of Disney World’s Cinderella Castle under a canopy of stars at night.

disney weddings

From the Disney Weddings YouTube channel:

Imagine saying “I do” inside Magic Kingdom Park in front of the iconic Cinderella Castle or celebrating your reception amid the beauty of Fantasyland at night. Mark your vows in this enchanting venue filled with fantasy and excitement where your every wedding wish can come true and your every heart’s desire can become a reality.


Disney World has just announced the Magic Kingdom After Hours Experience, which allows you to get married in the park after it’s closed to the public. At 11 PM, you can say your vows to your Prince Charming in front of the Cinderella Castle in front of up to 300 guests.  The castle will be illuminated to create a magical backdrop. You and your guests will then dine by candlelight in Fantasyland.

This experience — available as part of the Disney Fairytale Weddings and Honeymoons Wishes collection – come with a starting price of $180,000.


Rogue One Merchandise Coming to Disney Parks on September 30 #GoRogue

#GoRogue! Exciting news for Star Wars fans: new Rogue One: A Star Wars Story merchandise is coming to Disney Parks tomorrow, September 30, 2016. Select items from the Rogue One collection are also available for purchase on the free Shop Disney Parks Mobile app.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story revolves around a rogue band of resistance fighters who unite for a daring mission to steal the Death Star plans and bring new hope to the galaxy. The film arrives in theaters on December 16, 2016.

From the Disney Parks Blog, an overview of items created especially for Disney Parks.

Rogue One merchandiseRogue One merchandiseRogue One merchandiseRogue One merchandiseRogue One merchandiseRogue One merchandiseRogue One merchandise

Source: #GoRogue with Rogue One Merchandise Coming to Disney Parks on September 30 | Disney Parks Blog

New Festival of Fantasy Parade Dining Package offered at Disney World

New at Walt Disney World: a Festival of Fantasy Lunch Package at Tony’s Town Square Restaurant!

Festival of Fantasy

This package includes lunch at Tony’s Town Square Restaurant and a voucher to enter a special viewing area for the parade. This is a prix fixe meal priced at $45 for adults and $17 for children, plus tax and tip. For those on the Disney Dining Plan, it is one table service credit to attend.

New at Walt Disney World: a Festival of Fantasy Lunch Package at Tony's Town Square Restaurant! Click To Tweet

Previously Disney World offered a similar package for the Main Street Electrical Parade, which concludes its run on October 9, 2016.

You can book this package now, for parades October 10, 2016 and forward.

Disney’s Festival of Fantasy Parade is offered daily at 3PM at Magic Kingdom. Admission to Magic Kingdom is required and not included in the price of the dining package.

Golden Oak, where Disney World is home


Have you always dreamed of living at Disney World? (Who hasn’t?) Well, at Golden Oak, you can — but at a steep price. Located near Disney Springs and nestled diagonally across from Disney’s Port Orleans resort, Golden Oak offers that dream to a very exclusive audience indeed — homes start at $2 million and go way past $10 million, which does not include over $20,000 annually in homeowner association and club fees.

So what do you get for that price, aside from a presumably beautiful house and proximity to Disney World? Lots of luxuries, it turns out.

golden-oak-snow-whiteTastefully appointed Disney touches throughout the development: Golden Oak does scream “Disney”, but it whispers it ever-so-elegantly. This bronze sculpture of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is a favorite.

Interior design with a bolder Disney brush: While there are numerous architectural restrictions on the classically styled homes in Golden Oak (as with many gated communities), on the inside, owners can feel free to explore their inner Disney to the fullest, including Hidden Mickeys, murals, statues and all kinds of interior stylings reflecting favorite Disney characters.  Some owners are restrained, but others let their imagination run wild. From The Huffington Post:  “Rial Jones, whose construction company is one of eight approved to build in Golden Oak, has become accustomed to building full-blown Disney fantasies. One house under construction, for a single man in his 20s, will feature a drawbridge between the bathroom and bedroom and a submarine-themed basement with a porthole providing an underwater pool view. Jones is also building a 20,000-square-foot house that will include a Cinderella-inspired 50-foot-long ballroom, an “Alice in Wonderland” themed bunk room with singing cake platters, and a re-creation of the Haunted Mansion’s stretching room.”

Access to the Four Seasons: Golden Oak is also home to the five-star Four Seasons. Residents can access all of the Four Seasons’ amenities.

Transportation to and from the Parks: The complimentary shuttle and mini-coach service is dedicated to Golden Oak residents along with their guests, who can be dropped off at any of the four Parks, Disney Springs, or either of the water parks.

Concierge services: The Golden Oak Resident Services team brings Disney’s renowned guest service culture directly to residents and their guests. The team can help assist with select personal, residential and resort requests, for a fee. To name a few:

  • Disney parks and special event tickets
  • Private VIP tours
  • In-home dinners and parties
  • Disney-inspired holiday décor
  • Dining reservations
  • Spa reservations
  • Golf tee-times
  • Home maintenance services

golden oak logoSales of homes at Disney’s exclusive Florida community are doing quite well. Named after the Walt Disney Company’s California ranch, the original projections for the gated community expected these costly retreats to mostly function as vacation homes. But most buyers are moving to the Mouse full-time, prompting Disney to urge realtors to market the remaining properties in the 300-home development to families.  (I can’t imagine it’ll be a hard sell — where else can Disney-obsessed millionaires live out their fantasies?)

For most of us, Golden Oak is far out of reach — but, I suspect, on quite a few “if I win the lottery” bucket lists!


RUMOR: New device to replace MagicBands?

There’ve always been a lot of rumors about Walt Disney World replacing or changing MagicBands, none of which have come to fruition. Today, though, thanks to some intel from MagicBand Collectors, there’s reason to think it might actually be happening.

A new post on the FCC’s system for MagicBand ID Q3E-MB-R1G2 shows some pictures of a prototype MagicBand puck that would fit into a changeable strap. This would allow guests to keep the same puck and interchange different straps as they would like.

MagicBands disk

[source: MagicBand Collectors. Visit their site for more images, including a size comparison with current MagicBands. The “puck” looks huge here, but actually appears to be approximately the size of a nickel.]

I’m hearing this is technology more like the FitBit step tracker — I don’t use one so I’m not familiar with the details in that regard. The idea is that you would snap this “puck” into a strap as either a bracelet or a necklace or perhaps a key fob. This would lower the cost of those straps (theoretically) because no chips would be embedded in each one, thus lowering production costs and IT support for Disney. Rumor has it that as guests’ accounts fill up with multiple MagicBands from multiple trips, this causes headaches and backup for Disney IT.

I personally see this is an all-new accessory revenue stream for Disney. Special light-up necklaces to hold your “puck” for nighttime or parties, new graphic designs for every character and every season — the possibilities for merchandising are endless, and no longer limited by needing that special chip in each decorative version.  Right now Disney fans and park visitors love to buy limited edition MagicBands or ones featuring their favorite characters. In the future, you might be able to buy all kinds of items to hold your “puck”.

Will Disney replace MagicBands with a new wearable device? This rumor might be for real. Click To Tweet

My thoughts: well, the thing is, I like MagicBands the way they are. I know a lot of park visitors don’t, but I think it’s fun to wear one. I’ve never had a technical problem with mine and I love the convenience. So this is a problem I didn’t think needed fixing, but it might be more of a back-end issue than something users can see. My first and foremost thought, though, is that it seems ridiculously easy to lose these, and thereby create headaches for everyone involved getting them replaced. I don’t know how easy or difficult it will be to “pop” them in and out of wearable straps, but there’s always a chance, with something removable, of it coming loose. More to the point, there are going to be plenty of visitors who don’t like wearing anything, or hate feeling cluttered, and just shove the disk in their pockets — thereby making them as losable as loose change. Since I’m not one of those people it’s not my problem to solve, but I can’t help thinking it’ll be a future factor.

There are currently no official announcements as to when we may see these in the parks — this is just in the rumor stage. But with the FCC filing, we know something is being tested at least — according to MagicBand Collectors, there has been a working prototype already tested behind the scenes.

The Muppets are coming to the Magic Kingdom!

Those rumors about The Muppets coming to Liberty Square in Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom — they’re true!

Muppets magic kingdom disney

Those rumors about The Muppets coming to Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom -- they're true! Click To Tweet

From the Disney Parks Blog:

Beginning this fall, the Muppets will be visiting Magic Kingdom Park, where they’ll take part in an all-new live show, “The Muppets Present… Great Moments in American History.”

Sam Eagle, the fiercely patriotic American eagle who is forever trying to set a high moral standard for the Muppets, will join Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy, Fozzie Bear, The Great Gonzo and James Jefferson, town crier of Liberty Square, as they gather outside The Hall of Presidents to present historical tales in hysterical fashion as only they can. From the midnight ride of Paul Revere to the signing of the Declaration of Independence, the Muppets appear throughout the day to share with Guests, their own unique take on the founding fathers and the birth of the United States of America.

Featuring an original song and plenty of wacky Muppets humor, “The Muppets Present… Great Moments in American History” will make its debut in October 2016.

Listen up everyone: Disney is *not* replacing the Hall of Presidents with Muppets. This is an all-new addition that will happen outside the much-beloved attraction. As a Muppets fan myself, I’m thrilled. This also dovetails nicely to the recent news about PizzeRizzo replacing Pizza Planet in Hollywood Studios this fall.

My Disney Experience app now gives directions

app mde directions You can now get turn-by-turn directions for Disney World right from your My Disney Experience app!

In its latest update, the My Disney Experience app (available for iPhone and Android) allows you to search for an attraction within the parks. . A blue line will appear on a map leading to the destination and showing your location as you head over there, with turn-by-turn directions as well. The program will also display estimated times to reach your next stop — completely estimated, though, because the app does not live update in regards to crowds, parades, or weather. Otherwise, though, it’s kind of like Google Maps for Disney World.

From any attraction, restaurant, shop or hotel’s p age, you can touch ‘Get Directions,’ and then choose where you are departing from. People traveling between theme parks can get information on routes by bus, monorail and boat. Visitors can also find out how to reach shops and eateries within the Disney Springs entertainment complex.

There’s also been an update to the Dining Reservations section of the app, making it easier to find that ADR you’re looking for. There’s a new, clean interface for a quick and simple search, with the option to then filter by location, cuisine, Table Service vs Quick Service, Dining Plan eligibility, rating, accessibility, and price range.

Watch the live stream of Mickey’s Royal Friendship Faire July 11th

Tune in to the Disney Parks Blog on Monday July 11th at 4:10 PM Eastern Time to watch a live stream of the all-new stage show at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, Mickey’s Royal Friendship Faire. This show is brand new to the Magic Kingdom for 2016 and features Mickey and all his fairytale friends, including Minnie, Donald, Daisy and Goofy, plus a wonderful cast of characters from some of Disney’s newest classics, including “Frozen,” “Tangled” and “The Princess and the Frog”.  Since it can be hard to get a good view of the stage shows — lots of visitors line up in front of the castle — I know I’m excited for the chance to get this up-close view right at home.

Mickey's Royal Friendship Faire

Here’s more from the Disney World web site:

Calling All Fairytale Friends

This summer, skip-a-dee-doo-dah to the Cinderella Castle Forecourt stage for the fairest faire of them all!It takes a whole enchanted kingdom to put on this all-new, live stage show at Magic Kingdom park—and you’re cordially invited! In preparation for this joyous festival, Mickey and friends have ventured far and wide to gather Disney pals from all over to star in a royal friendship faire.

Goofy has invited Tiana and friends from the Land of the Bewitching Bayous to infuse a little spice of New Orleans jazz in the party. Donald Duck brings some new friends he met at the Snuggly Duckling from the Land of Enchanted Woods to shake their tail feathers. Daisy has asked Rapunzel and Flynn to “comb” over and sing along. Mickey even recruited Olaf, Anna and Elsa from the Land of the Mystic Mountains to cast some extra cool touches!

This grand affair culminates in the joining of classic and contemporary Disney Characters in a spectacular show featuring lively dancing, dazzling effects, an original song and memorable music from The Princess and the Frog,Tangled and Frozen.

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